Pocket words


The starting points for our projects are not pre-established schemes which predetermine the final shape, rather they consist of ideas, concepts. These generate processes and systems which, once a particular need is covered, go on to find the next solution of their own accord. We thus understand how a tub, a peg, a tactile quality, an empty space, a face-to-face encounter, or bobbin lace can generate any kind of object. All that remains is to study what the object signifies as such, what its qualities are and redefine it. A new conception of the object emerges from this re-reading, thus giving it a new form.

The system is rooted in a constant revision of the way of understanding things, reinterpreting their qualities. The key factor here is that this represents a work tool which allows us to tackle a design on any scale, from a piece of jewellery to an urban planning project. It is thus understood that the same system can be used to find solutions for such apparently diverse designs – the qualities of a theatre curtain and its folds emerge as the Peça-Teló (“Theatre-Curtain-Piece”); the Termo-Pack gives the user the option of delivering a present hot or cold; the Pica-Container reflects the idea of something we can use to hold hygiene products without getting sprayed or dirty; The Arxiu-Mirador (“Windowed Archive”) in Vilafranca de Penedès came about after studying the concept of an archive and then removing it from the idea of a horizontal container so as to transform it into a windowed-vertical-store; the Cases-Mur i Espiral (the Wall and Spiral Houses) respond to topographical factors through their shape, whereas the Casa-Tub (the Tub House) responds to the geographical direction it faces. 

The system could be explained through POCKET-WORDS, ideas which study and re-understand qualities so they can be transposed into projects. In this respect, we can indeed talk of a pocket where a hand searches around, finds something, is surprised and makes a discovery. Starting from a simple idea, a product of a careful study of conditions, the complete design of the product emerges of its own accord, down to the tiniest of details.

Such a formula reflects a great honesty and greater care towards the object and its user. Leaving completely aside any personal influences on the design, the latter is a product, above all, of careful attention to the needs which the consumer demands, needs which are resolved in POCKET-WORDS.