Kaos Lamp


Click. Nothing over here, nothing over there. I can see, but I don’t quite understand.  But who wants to understand? It’s not a lamp, it’s light.  Pure and simple – when activated, it lights up objects and makes them visible. There is no defined shape, nor a privileged point of view. It lights you up in as many ways as you are able to look at it. It coyly hides its face, even from the photographer who is trying to find the ideal profile for a catalogue portrait – click, click, click.
Composed of two parts, which once switched on – click – fuse into one luminous cloud which appears to have no source. The illuminated part is a piece of glass with an elliptic base, which contorts itself through 90 degrees while diminishing in size to become a smaller ellipse, unrestricted by shape and form. The base is made of white ceramic which disappearsclick – when it gives off light.
Click and a cloud of light was created.