Alísia, money is no problem


Relax! I relax. Breathe deeply! I breathe deeply I haul myself up and wham! I’m inside. Not such a big deal. I sit on a swivel stool and wait, passing the time browsing through a little advertising and drops in interest rates. I look at myself in the polished walls, so very shiny that they reflect back an image which looks a little enlarged to me. There’s a trick to this. I don’t think I’m that big. I swing round on the stool again and can’t stop myself from shouting out Three pints, 35,000 pounds and a packet of crisps, John. In the background I think I can hear the all-familiar “Coming up!” from further down the bar. Well, the truth is, after the beer and the packet of crisps, my three-figure order means I have to sit down on a levitating sofa, which carries me up to a cloud where I relax. Relaaax. One of John’s female colleagues talks to me seductively and I can only agree and ask four insignificant questions. Well, that’s what I believed, but what do you know? One of them made Alí$ia smile. That’s how I like to remember what she is called. She invited me to enter a large armchair – yes, enter – which encircled me, her and somebody else who was taking notes. All settled nicely down inside, we finished doing what needed to be done and everybody was satisfied. So, it was already quite clear to me that money, money in the strictest of sense of the word, is no problem.