Shop in Barcelona


In Detail: Interior Surfaces and Materials



Chameleon-like appearance through play of light Translucent polycarbonate web panels
This diminutive shop for bathroom accessories is located in the elegant shopping area Passeig de Gràcia in the centre of Barcelona. It is not easy to find, however, being hidden away deep in one of the blocks of the “Eixample”; that is the name used by the people of Barcelona for the grid-like quarter, designed by Cerdà at the end of the 19th century, at the edge of the old town centre.

Material and lighting concept
To distinguish it from other premises in the same arcade, the shop undergoes a three-phase lighting change in the course of the day. The light spectrum ranges from a serene, white mood in the morning, through delicate pink on to the vibrant red of the evening atmosphere.
These effects are achieved by a modular system of translucent polycarbonate panels fixed to aluminium framework. The panels act as both ceiling-cladding system and freestanding partition walling. Red and white coloured fluorescent tubes are located behind the translucent panels and are operated by a time switch that combines the colours in different ways. The rear-lit panels envelope the retail areas of the shop, both on the ceiling and on the walls while storage space and change rooms are concealed by the partitions. The lighting concept, together with the glass furniture, is intended to become the hallmark of the company and, as such, will be incorporated in the design of other branches.